Leutron develops innovations.

For your safety.
For over 60 years.

Leutron has been dealing with the limitation of surges and the discharge of surge currents for over 60 years. Our product range, hermetically sealed, high-performance isolating spark gaps filled with inert gas, is characterized by extraordinary reliability.

Demanding manufacturing processes, high-temperature soldering and vacuum technology offer the highest level of safety and durability. Know-how based on many years of experience enables the continuous operation of your systems and devices even in harsh industrial environments or prevents their failure in violent thunderstorms.

A company is only as good as the people who work in it. Our employees are the basis for long-term partnerships, good customer relationships and innovative new developments. You get involved with individual advice and support, quick and flexible implementation with short decision-making channels and support in the form of customer training on site and in customer operation for your optimal surge protection.


ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 certificates

ISO 9001 certificate

Safe production processes and constant monitoring of all production processes are the basis for superior product quality. With the introduction of ISO certification, both the safety of all production processes and the efficiency could be continuously increased.

ISO 9001

Our QM system according to DIN / ISO 9001 is certified by TÜV Süd. This enables us to meet the defined requirements as they are brought to us in the form of customer specifications, regulations or other regulations.

ISO 14001 certificate

We are pleased to be able to offer you not only first-class products but also the security that standardized and permanently monitored processes entail. We want to offer you quality at a fair price for security in development, the manufacture of our products and sales.

ISO 14001

Environmental management has been introduced for the scope of development, manufacture and sale of components and components for lightning and surge protection and has been in use since August 2010. The requirements of ISO 14001 have been met.

Security & reliability

Made in Germany

LEUTRON in Leinfelden-Echterdingen near Stuttgart is a medium-sized company for the development and manufacture of components and devices for internal lightning and surge protection with more than 60 years of experience.


In October 1999, CERBERUS, Switzerland decided to end the production of gas arresters. Up to this point, CERBERUS, with its German subsidiary ALARMCOM-LEUTRON (trademarks CERBERUS and LEUTRON), was the global technical market leader for gas arresters.
The production of such components no longer fit into Siemens’ business strategy, which the entire CERBERUS Group had taken over within Siemens Building Technology in 1997.


In autumn 2000, Jörg Jelen took over the surge protection devices department from the Siemens / CERBERUS group as part of a management buy-out. Previously, Jelen was manager of the development and marketing department at ALARMCOM-LEUTRON, so that the entire know-how flowed into LEUTRON GmbH with him. But Jelen did not just bring the know-how into the company; Machines, testing equipment, all patents and the quality assurance system etc. were transferred to the new company.
The protected LEUTRON® brand ensures that the high quality level of CERBERUS products is maintained.

Today LEUTRON continues its role as an important strategic partner of Siemens in the field of lightning protection and surge protection. LEUTRON’s leading position is based on a highly developed metal-ceramic technology of hermetically sealed and inert gas-filled isolating spark gaps and gas discharge arresters.

LEUTRON products have more than 60 years of experience. Safe, durable products and high reliability at reasonable prices as well as fast and flexible delivery times in addition to technical support are our goals in order to secure the demands of our customers.

Quality and environment

Certified by LEUTRON

Customer satisfaction is one of the top principles of Leutron GmbH. Market-driven innovations, high-quality products and a comprehensive range of advice stand for our claim. Our customer sets the bar for this.

We offer our customers the highest level of safety, quality and durability, but we guarantee this through sophisticated manufacturing processes such as high-temperature soldering and vacuum technology, innovative product developments, many years of experience and the resulting know-how.

We ensure that activities relevant to quality and product safety are consistently planned, controlled and monitored in order to meet our quality standards. For us, quality is not a requirement that only exists on paper, but a vision that prevails in all areas of the company. Through a continuous quality improvement process, we want to permanently increase the quality of our products and services at all levels.

All new developments are tested intensively on our own test systems, but also at renowned external test institutes, and their technical data are precisely determined. We document this information for our customers and ensure that each product they choose meets their requirements 100%.

Leutron likes to protect.