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Lightning and surge protection

Leutron has been protecting people and assets for over 60 years and is concerned with limiting surge voltages and dissipating surge currents for you as a customer.

We guarantee you maximum safety, quality and durability through sophisticated manufacturing processes such as high temperature soldering and vacuum technology, innovative product development, many years of experience and the resulting know-how.

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Lightning and surge protection

We are specialists

The right product for every requirement. Due to the large number of applications and their different parameters for voltage, current, frequency, protection level, etc., solutions are required that are ideally suited for use. Do not hesitate to contact our specialists, they will be happy to help you find the best solution or to develop new solutions.

  • Surge protection of power supply
  • Surge protection for measuring systems and automatic control devices
  • Surge protection for information technology and telecommunication installations
  • Surge protection for transmitting and receiving systems
  • EMC filter with integrated surge protection
  • Monitoring
  • Rare-gas-filled insulation spark gaps
  • Protective devices for AC arresting
  • Generator Connection Box


A question of quality

Leutron products are manufactured using the most modern processes and with the highest quality assurance. This gives our customers the certainty that, at the crucial moment, their systems and investments are protected against overvoltages using the latest technology.

Research and development work

Just as intensive research and development work ensures progress, high manufacturing standards result in top quality. A large part of Leutron products are manufactured in Germany. Whether in-house or third-party production, we only sell what can withstand a critical assessment. In terms of quality, the strict quality principles with narrow tolerance limits apply.
The products are monitored by constant controls, during production and before they leave the factory.

That is why Leutron products are of consistently high quality all over the world.

Leutron likes to protect.