Gas-filled surge arrester (GDT) for the protection of radio and TV reception equipment. DP-SAT-F-5 ... 2500MHz should be screwed directly to each input of a multi-switch or directly to each LNB output. A gas discharge tube (GDT) works inside. If the static voltage between core and screen exceeds approximately 80 volts, a short circuit occurs in the GDT and conducts surge currents of up to 8,000 amps to earth. Once the overvoltage is over, the GDT switches back to protection.
  • high performance antenna protection
  • Easy installation
  • Connections: F-plug / F-socket
  • Suitable for outdoor use: F connector with sealing ring
  • DC pass for remote supply
  • Shielding level: 100 dB (depending on frequency)
  • Through loss: 0.3 dB
IEC category D1 / C2
Nominal voltage DCUN 60 V=
Max. permissible rated direct voltageUc 75 V=
Nominal currentIL 0,5 A
D1 lightning impulse current (10/350 µs)Iimp 2,5 kA
C2 nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) totalImax 8 kA
Voltage protection level at limp (10/350)Up ≤ 0,6 kV
Protection level at In (8/20 µs)Up ≤ 0,6 kV
Max. impulse sparkover voltageUas 90 ±20% V
Impulse sparkover voltage core-shield (1 kV/µs)Uas ≤ 600 V
Additional Information
ImpedanceZ 75 Ω
Insertion lossfE < 0,3 dB
Return lossRL > 20 dB
Frequency rangefO 5...2500 MHz
Insulation resistanceRisol 10 GΩ
Response timetA ≤ 100 ns
Operating temperature rangeTU -40 - +80 °C
Type of connection F75/F75 (socket/plug)
Locking torque 0,6 Nm
Enclosure material / colour Nickel-plated brass
Dimensions (Ø × L) 14 x 40 mm