2-pole GDT

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Usually, surge arresters consist of 2 metallic electrodes which are mostly coated with spark-resistant electron-emission surfaces (activating compound). They are fixed to the front ends of ceramic tubes at a short distance to each other and hard-soldered onto the tube at high temperatures. The metallic/ceramic bodies thus hermetically sealed are then filled with a special rare gas blend (Argon, Neon etc.) at a precisely calculated pressure.

Technical data: Gas Discharge Tubes Catalogue

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3-pole GDT

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This type of arrester can be used instead of two 2-electrode arresters. It consists of a slightly longer ceramic cylinder with 2 metallic electrodes and a ring electrode situated in the center of a single discharge space. The advantage of this construction type lies in the fact that equipotential bonding between all cable leads happens simultaneously and the energy is conducted faster and more steadily to the ground. No potential differences can happen!

Technical Data: Gas Discharge Tube Catalogue

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