Electric Power Supply

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Information technology

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Surge protection for measuring systems and automatic control devices "Leutron Data"

NEW: Pluggable SPD for MCR applications

NEW: One-piece SPD for MCR applications (Terminal blocks)


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Spark gaps filled with rare gas

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Leutron spark gaps are made of well-engineered, highquality components assembled by means of high-vacuum technology and other special processes.
They ensure reliable protection of people and properties through their high discharge capability and long service life.

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Current measuring transformers

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Protection systems for current and voltage transformers in HV and MV.


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AC-current diverter

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Active (cathodic) corrosion protection means that the equipment to be protected is secured durably by active interference into the electrochemical process of corrosion. A power rectifier is inserted between the equipment to be protected, such as a pipe line, and an anode which serves as grounding unit.

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Measuring and test equipment

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To check surge voltage protectors.


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Gas Discharge Tube (GDT)

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Atmospheric discharges, inductive interferences, frictional electricity or direct contact with high-voltage conductors can provoke short-term voltage surges which are coupled into telecommunications lines or any kind of process measuring and control lines and which, as a result, disturb or destroy the electric or electronic installations connected to them.

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