21.03.2017 10:23

Surge protection for LED street lighting

SPD class II + III

LED technology ensure and protect it

to reduce maintenance and repair costs.


Expensive technology better protect

Despite all the advantages of LED technology, this has the disadvantage, compared to conventional luminaire technologies, the disadvantage of the lower immunity to surges. The analyzed damage caused by overvoltages in the area of ​​LED street lighting show that usually several LED lamps are affected by the damage causes and not just a single one.


To ensure longevity, a suitable and effective overvoltage protection concept should be developed during the planning phase.


Just contact us, we will be happy to assist you with your planning.

Downlad Datasheet of EP-T3/230 KM-20kA-v (362044)

More information: Surge protetion LED lighting systems

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