17.11.2016 08:47

Spark gap TC100A and TC500A successfully EAC certified

TC 100A


The old russian GOST was replaced by EAC

With the existence of the EAC certificate, our TC100A and TC500A can now also be imported into the Eurasian Economic Union - EAWU as of today, with Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Armenia and Kyrgyzstan.

The ATEX and EAC-approved spark gaps TC100A and TC500A are specially developed for use in explosive atmospheres.

They are distinguished by a particularly high discharge capacity and low sparkover voltage.

Due to the temperature class T4 = 135°C, the spark gap distances for application in lightning protection potential compensation in the hazardous area are e.g. with insulating flanges of gas pipelines as well as with cathodic corrosion protection
(CCPS) and the protection of pressure transmitters.

The Ex logo with the marking differs from EAC to ATEX.


The EAC designation of the TC100A and TC500A is: 1Ex mb IIC T4 Gb X



The current data sheets can be found in the download area.

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