24.01.2017 08:59

Gas network damage detector: Security for your gas network

The new brochure from now on for download

The brochure “Gas network damage detector, Security for your gas network” provides an overview of SmartKKS of the new remote monitoring in Cathodic Corrosion Protection (CCP).

Easy detection of external contacts by excavation or ditch milling contacts with the pipeline during road and excavation work.

Due to permanent monitoring (online monitoring), an alarm message is immediately sent to the software platform, via SMS to a mobile telephone, via e-mail or to a control room, when a third-party contact is detected.


Application area is:

The cathodic corrosion protection of metallic, ground-mounted protective objects such as, for example, gas pipelines.

The impingement of external current thereby minimizes the corrosion process to a technically negligible rate.

The SmartKKS device technology represents a combination of protective current device, integrated measuring technology and integrated remote monitoring technology.


Link brochure: “Gas network damage detector, Security for your gas network”


You can also download our flyer:


Link Flyer: “Make your feel secure - The Smart Remote CCP Monitoring Technology


Link to "Technical Documentation of SmartKKS"


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