More than 60 years success!

LEUTRON GmbH in Leinfelden-Echterdingen, near to Stuttgart airport is a middle-sized enterprise with more than 60 years experience in developing and manufacturing of components and devices for lightning current and overvoltage protection inside of building structures.


During October 1999 CERBERUS Switzerland decided to discontinue the production of gas tube arrester. Until this term CERBERUS together with her German daughter company ALARMCOM-LEUTRON (brand name CERBERUS and LEUTRON) was the technical world market leader for gas tube arresters.

At this time the manufacturing of such components doesn’t fit together with the new market strategy of SIEMENS - Building Technology which has taken over the whole CERBERUS Group in 1997.


In autumn 2000, Mr. Joerg JELEN took over by Management-Buy-Out the division “Overvoltage protective Devices” from the Siemens/CERBERUS Group. The time before Mr. JELEN was manager of the department “Developing and Marketing” in ALARMCOM-LEUTRON Germany, so the whole technical know-how was kept within the new formed LEUTRON GmbH.

But not only the whole know-how was brought by Mr. JELEN to the new established enterprise, but also the production facilities, test equipments all patents as well as the quality assurance system was transferred to LEUTRON GmbH / Germany.

The registered trade mark LEUTRON® assures that the high quality level of CERBERUS products is also furthermore kept.

Today LEUTRON continues his part as an important strategic partner of SIEMENS for lightning and overvoltage protection. The leading position of LEUTRON is based on highly developed metal-ceramic technology of hermetical sealed isolating spark gaps and gas tube arrester filled with inert gas.


In LEUTRON products are more than 50 years of experience. Safety, high durable products with high reliability at reasonable prices, as well as fast and flexible delivery times and last not least a high quality technical support are our targets to fulfil customer requirements.

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